Q: I can’t enroll in the first session- will this be offered later?

A: At this time, the ability to enroll in the first courses in the Fair Fit Method - Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt and Dress, will happen 3 times a year.  It will only be offered during the designated enrollment period. If you know you want to take the course, but have to wait, make sure you sign up to be the first to know when the next enrollment period begins.


Q: Will All the courses Be online? Will any of them be attended in person?

A:  The Fair Fit Method is a series of online video courses. The courses are taught strictly online, there will not be any in person workshops, so no need to worry about making an in person class. You can take the program from any location in the world, and you will have 24/7 access to your dashboard and have the option to take the course at your own pace if necessary.

While I do offer local classes in Baton Rouge that are in person, The Fair Fit Method courses are not part of the local curriculum. If I am asked to offer an in person version I'll consider it, but for right now this is strictly an online curriculum.


Q: Is Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt and dress  the beginning of the series?

A: Yes, the courses are taught in a series, there are prerequisites, and it’s designed in a way that the skills taught in the courses build upon each other. We will be starting with Learn and Make the Fair Fit Skirt. The Fair Fit Method will introduce sewists to a lot of techniques exclusive to Fair Fit®, and I will be teaching a diverse and numerous amount of sewing, design, draping, and fit methods in 2018. The program is designed to take in order to avoid confusion or overwhelm, and if you would like to see the full list of courses, please visit our curriculum page.


Q: I'm pretty sure I am going to want your help, what if I want one on one assistance from you?

A: You will have the option to sign up for individual lessons with me if you want extra help and assistance from me for questions outside the scope of the class, or for additional education on topics not covered in the program. You can sign up for private lessons if you really want to discuss a topic more deeply, or have a problem you would like my strict focus and support to accomplish. 

Q: Can I use another pattern besides the Fair Fit Pattern for my coursework?

A: While you will learn skills that apply to all areas of patterns, sewing, and fashion design, and the fit and proportion principles learned will apply to all garments, you can’t do some of the same things with a cut and sew pattern as you do with the Fair Fit Method. However, if you are willing to use the problem solving skills learned in the courses, and confidently tackle the project the way I will teach you, then you can definitely incorporate a lot of the skills into other commercial patterns.

Q: What if my questions aren't answered in the course?

A: The videos are filmed in real time, by me and in my studio, to enable me to be responsive and adaptive to student fit and draping questions that come up. During our six week course durations, alterations and demos are added as they are needed, creating an archive of fit, design, and pattern customization lessons.

This approach allows me to add new videos when necessary to address student questions as they arise, giving you personalized, in-depth video support as you complete the course. Every season the course is updated with answers to student questions, so there is always more to learn. Sometimes Fair Fit students with different body types appear in the videos, and you will get the experience of an in-person class without the hassle of time commitments.


Q: How do I know this pattern will work for my body?

A:  That's the biggest question right? I'm sure all of you, as you have advanced on your path of learning to sew and make your own clothing have had a pattern fail, or have sewn up a garment that just didn't look right on your body. It is always a potential disappointment, and we all face the fact that it can happen, no matter how advanced you are as a sewist.

It is more of a question of are you willing to work with the pattern to learn more about the fit? I really haven't found someone who hasn't been able to make a garment from it, however, of course you are going to have some folks who just don't like the nature or design of the dress.  And some dresses, or skirts, aren't flattering for all proportions and body types, so I'm definitely not going to claim that style wise, it's for everyone.

However, you will take away far more from the courses than just a garment, you are learning an entire skillset of sewing, design, draping, pattern fit and alteration, and a process for custom design.

I encourage you to check out this series of blog posts written about the method and what others have made.  You will also want to check the size range of the pattern, shown here. On our enrollment page, you can also see garments that students and testers have made to get an idea of what to expect.  However, if you have any doubts, please reach out to me to ask a question before enrolling.

The Fair Fit Pattern is a tool that you can use to enhance your learning edge, and learn so many skills and techniques to grow your sewing practice. You are making more than just a dress, rather you are acquiring a more advanced skill set.

Q: Can I sell what I make?

A: Fair Fit® is a registered trademark, and all course materials, including the patterns are protected under copyright. The courses, patterns, videos, and course materials are for you to use for private individual use only.

Q: Can I share my program with a friend, or split the registration fee?

A: The course, patterns, and materials are meant for one student, and one student only. If your friend wants to enroll, they need to pay the full registration price. Sharing course materials is strictly prohibited.

Q: Can I teach the Fair Fit Method after I take your course?

A:  No, Fair Fit® and the Fair Fit Method and all of its materials are ©Andrea Eastin Fair Fit. If you would like the course taught as a live workshop, either to a private group or at a studio local to you, please contact me. I'd be happy to teach it to small groups and for large groups I have trained teaching assistants ready to help me teach the method.

Q: Can I post what I make?

A: Yes! Just be sure to tag me @fairfit so I can see what you are up to and what you made :)

Q: What about refunds?

A: If you are unhappy with the course for any reason, you will have an option of a no questions asked refund within 10 days of your purchase. After that, no refunds or exchanges are provided due to the digital nature of online courses.

Q: What equipment and Materials do I need to participate in the course?

A:  You will need access to a computer or a smart device and an internet connection strong enough to support video streaming. You also must have an adjustable dress form to participate in this course and access to a sewing machine. Most Fair Fit dresses use up to 5 yards of fabric, and Fair Fit skirts use up to 4 yards, and you will need to buy thread, zippers, snaps, or hook and eye closures for most projects. 


Q: What’s my time commitment?

A: You can work at your own pace, or follow a recommended syllabus and timeline. The course is designed to take 3 to 4 hours a week. When you enroll you will have permanent access to the courses you have purchased. If you need to take your time, or work at your own pace, or go on vacation during our course durations, you definitely can!

If you know you are a slower worker, the self paced option is the best bet. For folks who need more accountability following the syllabus will give you things to do each week. I do expect that you carefully evaluate your skill level and desire to complete the coursework. You will work hard in this course and it's going to be very different than sewing patterns you may have encountered before. 

Q: This sounds like a lot of work- how can I know that I will be able to complete the course in the required amount of time?

A: It is a lot of work! While each course follows a timeline of emails and weekly tasks, once enrolled you do not have to follow it and most students who have taken the course so far have preferred to work at their own pace. It is a suggested timeline, for those who want more structure and support and guidance of when to do a certain task so that you can  manage your time and also be able to work on other sewing projects on your table.

If you want to slow it down, or life gets really busy, you will have continuous access to the course, so you can follow at your own pace and participate on your own schedule.

This course is a commitment and it will teach you advanced methodologies. It is good to think of it like enrolling in a college course, and that you will have a syllabus to complete, and projects to create in a certain order. However, I’m not going to hold you accountable to a missed deadline by any means, and you will need to manage your own time and complete the projects before moving on to the next one.


Q:  Will you have a private Facebook group so I can engage with you and others in the course?

A: I have given this question A LOT of thought, because I know its the norm in online courses. However at this time, I am more quickly and able to monitor questions effectively with email. So the answer is at this time no, but if you have questions regarding content in the course you can ask me directly via email. 

The Fair Fit Method is my specific way of teaching. I prefer that you ask me questions and communicate with me, so that I can help you with your learning and engage with you directly.

There may come a time, with the success of the course, that I can add a forum or a private group for students to participate and engage with each other, and if that does happen all enrolled students will be encouraged to participate. 


Q: How is this different than the sewing patterns I’m used to working with?

A:  In a traditional cut and sew pattern, you are sewing a project that’s been designed for you from start to finish. You do get to choose your fabric, and maybe a little bit of how you sew it, but you don’t have as much choice in the design of the garment, which leads to lots of frustrations in sewing when you want to change a pattern. When you want to change a pattern, you need a whole other skill set. With the Fair Fit method, you get a lot more choice in the design. In fact- that’s why I call it “Fair Fit”. Its fair to teach the skills and empower you to rely on yourself to solve a problem- if you have to rely on another person to determine fit, style, and choose your design concept, you just don’t have as much freedom and can’t work as fluently.


I hope I've answered all of your questions, but I'm sure there are more. If you have a specific question I'd love to answer it. Please let me know and shoot me an email. I'll not only answer you directly, but add it to this dialogue too!